Yes, HAPPINESS can be measured! For the first time in history there are world maps which evaluate happiness. In one map, Denmark is number 1. The USA is placed as 23rd. Everyone desires to be happy but what makes people happy and why?

Dr. Doris Lee McCoy followed the topic by doing research and looked at a country in the Eastern Himalayas called the Kingdom of Bhutan, which is #8 on the Happiness Map. The country is called the last Shangri-La and is described as an earthly paradise. So why did she go to Bhutan? She wanted to see why the Bhutanese people were one of the happiest place on Earth when their average salary is only $1,150.00 a year.

In Bhutan, the government is more concerned with the well- being of its people than with the Gross National Product. The citizens evaluate their quality of life every two years whether they’re happy, very happy or not happy. Here are 5 of the 9 topics they use for evaluation: good governance, health, education, environment, and living standard. In fact, the Bhutanese have a happiness map in her book.

Dr. McCoy's experience in going to Bhutan and staying with a local family led her to write a book called, THE MAGIC OF GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS. Your life could change if you take some of these points and incorporate them into your daily life. To order this book click the ORDER NOW button above. Stay Happy!

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